2013 Papers

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LCJE-NA 2013 Conference Papers

Whatever Happened to Daniel 2:44? (PDF)
Mike Moore

Lessons in Jewish Apologetics from the Field (PDF)
Robyn Wilk

What Are Recent Jewish Scholars Saying about the NT? (PDF)
–Full Reviews (PDF)
Rich Robinson

The Divine Unity and Deity of the Messiah (PDF)
Noam Hendren

Media Report (PDF)
Susan Perlman

HIStory’s Argument (PDF)
Arlie Francis

Addressing Jewish Secularism: Responding to the Varied Worldviews of Six Jewish Atheists (PDF)
Jim Melnick

Looking Back on 30 Productive Years of the North American LCJE (PDF)
Jim Sibley (2008-2011)

Tisha Ba’Av: The Destruction of the Second Temple and How It May Be Used in Jewish Evangelism (PDF)
David Lovi

A Shattered Order: The Apocalyptic Sublime and The Liberal Arts—An Interdisciplinary Approach To the Study of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict (PDF)
What We Choose to Remember (PDF)
Judith Rood

How to Witness to Religious Jewish People (PDF)
Barry Rubin