2015 Papers

LCJE-NA 2015 Conference Papers

A Profile of North American Messianic Jews
PowerPoint Presentation (PPTX File – 12MB)
Andrew Barron and Bev Jamison

Ten Narratives on the Place of Story and Orality in Christian and Messianic Jewish Theology and Ministry:
Rediscovering the Lost Treasures of Hebraic Narrative Epistemology (PDF – 12MB)
PowerPoint Presentation (PPTX File – 5MB)
“Storying with the People of the Story” – Demonstration of a Storytelling Method
“The Middle East is Burning”- Report from a Storytelling workshop in Tel Aviv Israel, Summer of 2014 – During “Operation Protective Edge” – (War with Hamas):
Bill Bjoraker

A Messianic Jewish View on the Israeli Palestinian Conflict
PowerPoint Presentation (PPTX File – 60KB)
David Zadok

The High Cost of Biblical Reconciliation (PDF)
Galen Peterson

Proclaiming the Prince of Peace: Missiological Implications of Biblical Reconciliation (PDF)
Galen Peterson

The Rejection of Israel? The Evidence From Romans 11:15 (PDF)
Jim Sibley

Is Christian Zionism Based on Bad Theology? (PDF)
Judith Mendelsohn Rood

Is Christian Palestinianism part of Eschatological Anti-Semitism? (PDF)
Olivier Melnick

Answering the New Covenant Perspective’s Charge on The Absence of Restoration to the Land Texts In the New Testament (PDF)
PowerPoint Presentation (PPTX File – 38MB)
Randall Price

Mapping Contemporary Views on Israel-Palestine (PDF)
PowerPoint Presentation (PPTX File – 17MB)
Richard A. Robinson and David Brickner

LCWE & LCJE – Bonding in the Midst of Controversy (PDF)
PowerPoint Presentation (PPTX – 8MB)
Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism Media Update (PDF)
Article List (PDF)
Huffington Post Video Clip (MP4 – 222MB)
TBN Video Clip (MP4 – 74MB)
Susan Perlman

Reading the Bible in the Right Direction: Hermeneutical Considerations for Evangelism and Reconciliation in The Land (PDF)
PowerPoint Presentation (PPTX File – 21MB)
Tim Sigler