2021 Papers

LCJE-NA 2021 Conference Papers

LCJE International Update (PPT)
Jim Melnick

Restoring the Jewishness of the Gospel: A Retrospective (PDF)
Barry Rubin

The Hermeneutics of the New Righteous Among the Nations (PDF)
Olivier J. Melnick

Emilia Baeyertz, the “Jewish Lady Evangelist” (PDF)
PowerPoint Presentation (PPT)
Richard A. Robinson

The Rudder of Missions & Our Wicked Problem (PDF)
Levi Hazen

Nazi Ideology and Jewish Chosenness (PPT)
Jim Melnick

Sholem Asch and the Jewish Jesus (PDF)
Alan Shore

Recognizing the Jewishness of the Gospel of Luke (PDF)
David L. Allen

Media Review, 2019–2021 (PDF)
LCJE Media PowerPoint (PPT)
Article Summaries (PDF)
Susan Perlman

Jesus Masked: Anti-Jewish Theologies (PDF)
Theresa Newell

Negotiating the Rapids of Messianic Ministry: A Personal Reflection (PDF)
Wes Taber

Recontextualizing the Trinity and the Incarnation Within Judaism: Two Approaches Compared (PDF)
Brian Crawford

The Feinberg Connection: Charles L. Feinberg’s Contribution to Jewish Evangelism (PDF)
Gregory Hagg

What a Jew can Teach a Gentile About Worship (PDF)
Mark L. Bailey