2022 Papers

LCJE-NA 2022 Conference Papers

A Case for the Existence of God for Jewish Secularists (PPT)
Eric Chabot

The Worldview of Kabbalah: A Brief Guide for the Perplexed (PDF)
Brian Crawford 

Jewish Views of Death and Our Response (PDF)
Amy Downey

Perceptions of Israel by Young Evangelicals: Suggestions for a Change of Trajectory (PDF)
Mitch Glaser and Rich Hastings

The Cowardice of Disassociation (PPT)
Glenn Harris

T-Shirt Evangelism (PDF)
Steven Barry Kaplan

Media Report (DOCX)
Susan Perlman

Reaching Jewish Suburbanites for Evangelism and Discipleship (PDF)
Roy Schwarcz

Are We Woking Away from the Gospel? (PDF)
Rob Styler

A Network that Works: LCJE Ministry Partnerships in Action (Link to PPT)
Wes Taber