2023 Papers

LCJE-NA 2023 Conference Papers

He Opened Their Minds—A New Book on Messianic Prophecy (PPTX)
David Brickner

“A Mixed Multitude”: Gentiles in the Messianic Movement (PDF)
Hélène Dallaire

The Messianic Hope: A Case for an Identifiable Messianic Jewish Community (PDF)
Powerpoint Presentation (PPTX)
Kirk Gliebe

The Church and Jewish Believers in Jesus (PDF)
Alex Jacob

The Messianic Jewish Movement in Pre-War Germany (PDF)
Powerpoint Presentation (PPTX)
Christiane Jurik

Media Article Summaries Mar. 2022—Feb. 2023 (PDF)
Media Article Powerpoint Presentation (PPTX >40MB)
Susan Perlman

Serving Moses, Serving Yeshua (PDF)
Jim R. Sibley

Observations: The work of Carl R. Trueman from the perspective of ministry to Jewish-Gentile couples (PDF)
Tuvya Zaretsky