February 9 Email

Shalom, folks!

Seven quick announcements:

  1. At the request of the T & C conference center, the time of our closing banquet on Wednesday night has been moved from 6:30 to 7:00 PM. This has been updated on the online daily schedule. Also, the banquet is open to a limited number of outsiders at $55 per person (write to Cindy at CindyC@cjfm.org for reservations).
  2. The webpage at lcje-na.org has been updated to include a helpful map of the T & C property. Wow, that’s a big place! Also, some people have switched presentation times and one presentation has been retitled. It’s all there on the webpage.
  3. One of our CJFM missionaries is looking for a ride from San Diego to Los Angeles on Thursday. If you can help, please let me know.
  4. If you’re interested in doubling up with someone in a room to save some money, let me know. There has been some interest in this, or so I’ve been told—but we need names so we can match you up with someone.
  5. Yes, bring laptops. We will have classroom-style seating (with tables) and wireless Internet in the meeting room. But I reserve the right to cut off the Internet if it looks like no one is paying attention to the speaker (ha).
  6. We will have six medium-sized display tables available, so if you have giveaways (books, CDs, brochures), bring them. However, please bear in mind that the available tabletop space should be divided up equitably among our folks.
  7. Presenters: we need your Power Point slides within the next week or so. (Your papers should have already been submitted.) The screen at the front of the room will be controlled by our media guys at the back of the room. They need time to check and make sure everything is compatible and in working order.

That’s it!

Thanks and see you soon,

Gary Hedrick