Gil Olsen

Gil Olsen

Gil was born and raised in California, graduating from Hemet High School and Biola University in La Mirada. When Bible Fellowship Church of the San Jacinto Valley formed in 1976, Gil became its first full-time pastor.

As Senior Pastor, Gil’s main responsibilities are to teach God’s word from the pulpit and to give preachers-in-training opportunities. BFC believes in equipping leaders, encourages growth in the professional staff and elders, and seeks a clearly cast vision for ministry that involves church planting both here and abroad. Fourteen years ago, Bible Fellowship Church adopted the Buryat people of Southern Siberia, a then-unreached people group. By God’s grace, BFC has seen a church planted in that region, and regularly sends teams to teach pastors and help with Christian education. Gil also has a heart for Israel and a strong desire to reach the Jewish people with the Gospel.

Gil maintains a high level of involvement in his community through the Christian Ministers Prayer Fellowship of the San Jacinto Valley. His vision is that Bible Fellowship Church would be faithful to the Great Commission to “go and make disciples of all nations” (Matt. 28:19-20). He desires to see individuals and families come into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and grow in Him through discipleship so that they, in turn, can communicate their faith.

Gil earned his Master of Divinity degree from Talbot Seminary in 1978, and his Doctor of Ministries degree from Denver Seminary in 1993.

Gil and Charyla—married since 1970—have a daughter Cara, a son Aaron, and six grandchildren. In his “spare time” Gil enjoys reading, playing golf, shooting, fishing, and visiting with the grandkids.

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