January 22 Email

Dear LCJE Friends & Colleagues,

March 5-7 is right around the corner and the excitement is building for our conference in San Diego.

Keep abreast of the latest info by logging on to our North American webpage at www.lcje-na.org. That’s where you’ll find the latest updates to the daily schedule, bios of our speakers, registration information, hotel details, and more. Whenever anything changes, the first place where we update it is on that page–so that really is the latest information.

You’ll note on the webpage that there’s a deadline for making hotel reservations. You’ll need to book your room(s) by Feb. 10 to get the LCJE rate. After that date, they release any unused rooms in our block so that non-LCJE people can reserve them.

Remember that registrations after Feb. 17 incur a late charge because of the difficulty of making adjustments in the number of seats and the size of facilities after that time. So please register before that time, if at all possible.

Also, if you’ll be a single at the conference and you’re interested in economizing by rooming with another single, please let us know (ElizabethN@cjfm.org). One of our ladies is already looking for a roommate. This is a good way to save some money while also making a new friend!

Click here for a PDF copy of the latest daily schedule. It’s the same one that’s on the webpage. If that link doesn’t work on your system, you can go directly to the website at www.lcje-na.org and view it there. You’ll notice on the schedule that we’ve planned a reception on Sunday night for those of you who arrive early. It’s sponsored by Jim Sibley and the Pasche Institute of Jewish Studies in Dallas–and we hope to see you there!

If you and/or your organization would like to have a table-top display in San Diego, please let us know so we can work with the conference center folks to make that happen. The amount of space and the number of tables is limited, so let’s try to keep it reasonable. Remember that LCJE isn’t a marketing or Christian booksellers’ convention. But if you have some materials you’d like to make available to our folks, we’ll try to accommodate you.

If you’re a speaker/presenter, let me remind you that you do need to register for the conference; however, in consideration for your investment of time and effort, you will receive a 50% reduction in your registration fee at the time of payment. Please contact Kathi Graham for details about payment (and about a refund if you’re a presenter and already paid full price). Remember, too, that we need your papers by January 31–a little over a week from now! If you’re using power point, we’ll need those by February 15. (The screens will be controlled by our tech guys.)

Also, please bear in mind that we are tightly programmed again this year. There was a lot to try to fit into our three days together! It is very important that everyone strictly observe his/her time limitations. Thank you in advance for your consideration and cooperation.

Looking forward to seeing you in San Diego!

In Messiah’s love,

Gary Hedrick
LCJE North American Coordinator