Marty Goetz

Marty Goetz

Marty Goetz has been called a modern day psalmist. His songs are Scriptures beautifully set to music, leaving listeners spiritually moved, inspired, and educated. With melodic and fresh acoustical/classic arrangements, Marty Goetz has the ability to lead you into a place of true intimacy with God.

In 1965, 13-year-old Marty solemnly sang the ancient words of the Torah at his Bar Mitzvah. Some 20 years later, to everyone’s surprise, Marty was singing to God, this time as a featured performer at a Billy Graham rally in Central Park.

As half of “Bert & Marty,” Marty sang at clubs and dinner theatres around Pittsburgh while studying English at Carnegie Mellon University. After graduation, he and Bert set out for New York City, determined, as Marty remembers, to give it two weeks to become a star or go back to Cleveland and the family’s furniture business. At the end of the summer, he and Bert were named “Best New Act of 1974.”

Horrified when his partner Bert found Jesus, and surrounded increasingly by other “born-agains,” Marty began reading the Bible, “looking for loopholes.” A few short weeks later, he realized with certainty that the Jesus of the New Testament was the Messiah his people had been longing for.

Within a year, Marty began performing with Debby Boone and soon began to establish himself as a strong and passionate voice for messianic believers within the Church. He has shared his musical gifts and talents with numerous large and diverse congregations and leading evangelistic ministries.

Marty has been recording music steadily since 1985, and today lives outside of Nashville, Tennessee with his wife Jennifer and their daughter Danyel Misha.

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