Wes Taber

Wes Taber
Life in Messiah International
Executive Director

Wes and Lori Taber have been involved with Life in Messiah International since 1975. Both were raised as “preacher’s kids.” Wes grew up in the northeastern U.S. (Massachusetts, New York and Connecticut) and made a profession of faith in the Lord Jesus as a child. He graduated from Houghton College in 1975 and committed to serving the Lord “wherever He leads.”

Wes joined the ministry as an intern in 1975 and enrolled in Moody Bible Institute’s Jewish Studies Program. Wes and Lori were married in 1976 and took their first ministry assignment in Miami/Miami Beach where they served in evangelism, discipleship and equipping believers to reach Jewish communities with the gospel message.

Their ministry relocated to Jerusalem in 1980 where they learned Modern Hebrew and Wes took courses at the Hebrew University. In 1982 Wes became the ministry’s Chicago Area Director and took graduate studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

After 14 years of service, Wes was installed as Life in Messiah’s Executive Director in 1990. Lori serves as the ministry’s Administrative Director. Wes was also named the Executive Director of Immanuel Ministries International/Message to Israel. He led the process that resulted in the merging of these two ministries into Life in Messiah.